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The New Year’s resolutions have been made, but this year, you are keeping them! However, you have new information in 2017 that will help you better maintain the good health habits that you have started. Here are some of the great health trends that are sure to take over 2017.

If you cannot support a personal trainer, you can get the same inspiration and analysis from wearable tech that keeps up with your health. Watches, shirts and even sunglasses will keep up with your walking steps, heart rate, weight lifted and gym time. More importantly, you can wear these items with your day to day clothing!

People are coming to the realization that exercise by itself will not give the best results. A fully organic diet is a huge part of having great health, and moreover, fully organic diet allows you to eat fatty foods like ice cream. It’s not the fat that causes the problem; it’s the fake stuff and the preservatives that the body does not know what to do with.

Healthy people are incorporating exercise into their daily routine by taking “no rest days.” There is no definitive way to do a no rest day; understanding the philosophy is the main point. On a no rest day, you never stop exercising. Instead of taking the elevator, you take the stairs. On breaks at work, you do dips or wrist exercises. You take a brisker walk between destinations than you normally would. The philosophy is that you are always working some part of your body for the entire day. This is a philosophy that works wonders for turning short term resolutions into a lifestyle.

You need a healthy environment in order to maintain the best health trends. Your living space should reflect your lifestyle, and living in one of the best apartments in Sandy Springs is a great way to start. Hannover Grand at Sandy Springs will give you an on-site exercise room and an ambiance to inspire you towards better results. Give the representative at Hannover Grand a call or an email right now to get your new lifestyle started in Sandy Springs.

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