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and a host of trendy DIY blogs, we’ve learned (and correctly so!) that decorating isn’t something to be feared. That said, the decorating conqueror in all of us can sometimes use a little re-direction.

1. Using what you dislike. The easy solution? If you don’t love it, don’t decorate with it.

2. Forgetting the focal point. Where do you want people’s attention to be drawn when they enter your apartment? Is it a fireplace, entertainment center or a beautiful view? Start with your focal point of choice and decorate to accentuate it.

3. Using inadequate lighting. Lighting can make or break the look and feel, regardless of how nicely the space has been designed. Keep in mind the color, the quantity, and the placement of your lighting and adjust accordingly.

4. Overdoing a theme. Themes are great, but there’s a significant difference between incorporating a few nautical pieces and setting up a full cruise ship. As it pertains to decorating, less is generally more.

5. Overlooking clutter. Clutter can be obvious (stacks of paper or piles of laundry) or unintentional (too many picture frames or candles). Keep collections to a minimum. Two pillows, that are a different size or color, can be more powerful than seven.

6. Misplacing rugs. Area rugs should be anchored to furniture instead of floating in the center of the room.

7. Forgetting functionality. If it isn’t useful, it will be difficult to maintain.

8. Underestimating size. Furniture in a massive warehouse can be deceptive. Be sure your furniture isn’t too big (or too small!) for you Sandy Springs apartment. Measure before you commit.

9. Hugging the wall. Instead of pushing all furniture against the wall, use it creatively to break up the space.

10. Copying someone else’s style. Sure, Pinterest is loaded with great ideas begging to be borrowed, but don’t underestimate your own unique style and creativity. Every room should reflect YOU!

Take a look at our Hannover Grand at Sandy Springs Apartment Home photo gallery to find more great inspiration for decorating your home. However you choose to decorate your space, we’re certain it will be perfect!

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