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Puppy on CouchLike every pet owner, you feel as though your pet is part of the family. You remember their birthday, care about their behavior, and hope they fit into your new neighborhood. In fact, our apartments in Atlanta welcome your four-legged friend. Now that you’ve found the apartment of your dreams, you may wonder how to ensure that your pet will be as welcome as you are. We’ve put together a list of easy-to-do things that will help you pave the way for a long, happy residency.

The Basics

It may sound obvious, but tiny kindnesses go a long way toward creating a peaceful community. Those thoughtful acts include picking up after your pet as soon as they go outside to the bathroom and making sure that your pet is quiet enough to provide your neighbors with a peaceful living environment. If you have a dog that barks, find a way to make them stop. Here are three things you can do:

  • Work with a dog trainer to teach your dog to bark only upon command.
  • Try leaving a radio, white noise machine or the television on while you’re gone in order to keep your pet calm.
  • Invest in a bark collar that sprays water or citronella when the dog barks. It’s a painless way to discourage yapping while you’re away.

Be Bold

The fact that you live in an apartment does not mean that you can’t create a sense of community. Make it a point to introduce yourself. Bring a plate of goodies to a new neighbor or simply say "Hello" to an existing neighbor. Let your neighbors know that you have a pet and encourage them to reach out if they ever have a problem with your four-legged friend.

Even if you're shy, getting to know your neighbors is worth the effort. Good neighbors have been known to become good friends. The point is to create a warm, safe place for you—and your beloved pet—to call home. 

If you have any questions about our pet policy at Hannover Grand at Sandy Springs, please give us a call

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