6 Top Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express your feelings, and nothing says “I care” more than chocolate! That’s why we hope our Hannover Grand at Sandy Springs residents in Atlanta, Georgia, enjoy these top chocolate ideas.

White Cookie Cupcake Kisses

Hershey’s has outdone itself with these bite-sized treats. Presented much like the household name Hershey’s Kisses, this incarnation tastes like chocolate cupcake batter and is sprinkled with crunchy, pink cookie studs. They are a unique and classic Valentine’s Day treat!

Strawberries and Creme Truffles

Another exotic option, Lindt has created a chocolate-covered strawberry delight using white chocolate and infused it with a brow-raising berry crème pop. For those who are not necessarily into traditional chocolate, these truffles will seal the chocolatey Valentine deal.

Chocolate Strawberry Squares

Ghirardelli, like the other famous chocolatiers, has a strong alternative to traditional presentations. Known for those delightful squares, Ghirardelli has a double-layer offering that includes milk chocolate on one side, white chocolate on the other and strawberries bits throughout. 

The Royal Dark Treatment

Cadbury continues to be a household name in the chocolate world and its Royal Dark heart-shaped offering can help woo some Valentine’s Day affection. The classic chocolate comes across as rich but not as bitter as some darks may.

Champagne-Flavored Chocolates

Just the idea of blending champagne and chocolate garners three letters: O-M-G! Russell Stover is following up its rosé trend but infusing a little bubbly into its sweets. The nine-piece gift box offerings enjoy soft, alcohol-free centers covered by the brand’s well-known milk chocolate.

The Heart-Shaped 20

Godiva issued its popular heart-shaped 20-piece Valentine’s gift box in 2017, and it quickly became an annual go-to selection. The lovely pink box with swirling hearts design is as eye-catching as the mouth-watering variety inside. Godiva also implemented a monitoring system that ensures proper temperatures are followed during the delivery process. It’s an impressive option, to say the least, and will add a touch of elegance to your gift.

We hope our Hannover Grand at Sandy Springs community members enjoy these top chocolate ideas. If you or a friend would like more information about our Atlanta apartments, call us today!

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