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PuppyIf you share your Atlanta apartment with a lovable pet, you may find yourself getting frustrated training them in their early years. While proper pet training takes a lot of time and astounding patience, there are a few simple tips you can follow that can make the process abundantly easier. 

Establish Boundaries Early

It is easy to get caught up with how adorable and small your new puppy is, but it is important to realize that they will get bigger, and boundaries need to be established right away to avoid confusion later. If you plan to keep your pet off the furniture, do so the minute they are brought home. The same goes for keeping him in a designated sleeping area. You may have to deal with a few nights of sad whining, but it is a lot easier than correcting unwanted behavior later. 

Focus on Praise Not Punishment

Pets are much like children when they are younger. This means punishing your pup when you come home to find a mess may be confusing to them and they may not understand what he did to cause the negative reaction, since it may have been some time since the offense occurred. Instead of trying to focus on punishing bad behavior, heavily reward good behavior. For example, when they relieve themself in the designated area, give them lots of love and praise. Remember, they are eager to please and will continue the behavior that warrants them a positive reaction.

Always Have Training Treats at Hand

Even when you are not having a training session, you should have some training treats at the ready. Remember that you want to promote good behavior, and you are likely to catch them doing what they've been trained to do when you might not expect it. Having a treat ready to reward them can provide the immediate positive reinforcement they need to continue the behavior.

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